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A unique bicycle for Pope Francis during the World Youth Day

Before the start of the 5th stage of Tour de Pologne in Brzegi, Mr. Czesław Lang, director of Tour de Pologne gave a unique bicycle to Caritas Polska as a gift for Pope Francis.


The bicycle will be given to Pope Francis during the World Youth Day. Fr. Bogdan Kordula said that the bike will be donated to a charity.

Colnago is a famous brand of Italian bicycles also known as champions bicycles. Colnago’s bikes were rode by legends of cycling world, such as Eddy Merckx, Tony Rominger, Moreno Argentin, Oscar Freire and even Czesław Lang, who in the group of Del Tongo-Colnago achieved great success. ILA_0136

There is another history standing behind the Colnago bicycle. In 1979 Ernesto Colnago gave a gold bike, Mexico Oro, to Pope John Paul II. The Pope picked up this bike and told me it was marvelously light and that he wished he had one like it a long time ago! Pope John Paul II actually only a year and  after a year or so the Vatican contacted us to give this bike back and the Pope requested a sports type bike with regular flat handlebars so we built him one, a white one. That’s the bike he rode in Castel Gondolfo.