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Detailed Schedule of the Missionary Week in Nowy Sącz

There are 451 pilgrims from France who will arrive in Nowy Sącz for the Missionary Week. Our guests will arrive from two France dioceses: Nantes and Dijon. They will be accompanied by the Bishop of  Nantes Diocese.

Pilgrims from France will participate in all stages of the Missionary Week. Youths from parishes of Nowosądecki district and all those who feel young at hearts are also invited to take part in this event.


Wednesday, July 20

Arrival of the pilgrims in the evening. The pilgrims will be expected by host families along  with Parochial Committee and parishioners  next to the church from where they will be taken.

Thursday, July 21

10.00 AM St. Margareth’s basilica – Welcoming and introducing the place, catechesis for the youths from Poland and France (Polish/French languages)

11.30 AM – break and at 11.45 – guiding pilgrims around the city – to about 2.30 PM (including the District Office of World Youth Day – an exhibition by Priest Stanisław Pachowicz, the city hall, the castle); break and passing to the football stadium

3.00 PM –

Sandecja Club Football Stadium: match France vs. Poland; a treat – grill, passing to the square beside St. Margaret’s basilica

7.00 PM – a solemn Holy Mass (Latin language, liturgy of the word and song in Polish/French languages); worship and a testimony

ABOUT 9.00 PM – departure to  parishes by coaches 

Friday, July 22

10.00 AM –  St. Casimir’s church– Welcoming and introducing the place, catechesis for the youths from Poland and France (Polish/French languages )

11.30 AM – break and at 11.45 – a trip to Cieniawa , hiking to Wierchowina (there has been a Holy Cross since 2005 – to commemorate the pontification of St . John Paul II. Holy Mass in French by the altar field.

About 4.00 PM – descent and a treat beside a restaurant- in the open air, about 5.00 PM coming  to families in the parishes , conversation , exchange of faith experiences,  a possible walk across the parish , showing particular places to the youths.

Saturday, July 23

8.00 – 11.00 AM – stay in the parish, meeting with the youth groups

11.00 – departure  to the plate of the city center in Nowy  Sącz from which at 12.00 will start pilgrimage on foot  to the Papal Altar in Stary Sacz. About 3:00 PM – the Hour of Mercy , Holy Mass. will be celebrated by the Bishop of the Tarnow Diocese Andrzej Jeż, meal and concert . Return about 10.00 PM – pilgrims by coaches, other participants by their own means of transport .

Sunday, July 24

Holy Mass in  the parochial church (in Polish, liturgy of the word in both languages),  In the afternoon, spending time with families and dinner

 5:00 PM –10:00 PM -Youth Festival, testimony  and concert in the city center in Nowy Sącz with Golec uOrkiestra

Monday, July 25

10.00 – 11.30 AM : joint prayers ,words of thanks and farewell in the parish church ; dinner with  family or in the parish . About 2.00 PM, departure of pilgrims and our youths to the Main Week in Krakow.
The WYD  District Office n Nowy Sacz with the parishes and the City of Nowy Sacz invite everyone to participate in the Missionary Week.