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July 20- 25 – the Missionary Week in Nowy Sącz

On Wednesday, July 20th Nowy Sącz will  welcome the pilgrims from France who will take part in the Missionary Week, prior to World Youth Day in Kraków.

The media from Nowy Sącz were informed about the details of the event by the President of the City Ryszard Nowak, together with Secretary of the City, Edyta Brongiel, WYD coordinator in Nowosądecki district, priest Janusz Faltyn and WYD volunteers: Anna Gromala and Jarosław Baziak during a press meeting that took place in the city hall.

“One of the biggest events of the year is about to happen – World Youth Day, to  which Nowy Sącz has its contribution by organizing the Missionary Week. We would like to present our city and  region in the best possible way”., said Ryszard Nowak. “Nowy Sącz is about to receive the pilgrims from France, also from a  sister city La Baule, the more we want to show  them the city and its inhabitants at best. I am convinced that the organization of all events will be at such  level tha willt let the pilgrims for a departure from Nowy Sącz with good memories. We prepared many attractions and we hope that they will be carried out in accordance with the plan’, ended the President.

Priest Janusz Faltyn told the media about detailed schedule of the Missionary Week that will take place in the following dates of July 20 – 25. “To Nowosądecki district that includes 35 parishes , altogether 451 pilgrims will arrive  from two French dioceses: Nantes and Dijon, he says,  “The pilgrims will arrive on Wednesday late in the evening and they will be welcomed by Parochial Committees”  WYD coordinator in Nowosądecki district added that a solemn opening of the Missionary Week in Nowy Sącz will be hold on Thursday (July 21) at 10.00 AM at St. Margaret’s basilica and it will be done by Mr President Ryszard Nowak and the ambassadors of the  District Office of World Youth Day in Nowy Sącz. As Priest Janusz Faltyn emphasizes, all joint meetings will be in French and Polish so that means that there won’t be any problems with understanding, even catechesis which were prepared. He also adds that WYD will be an occasion for the youth for joint prayers and to get to know each other.

Important information for the inhabitants, that is  related to the organization of traffic in the city and the difficulties during the events of the Missionary Week , was given by the Secretary of the City Edyta Brongiel “Such an event as the Missionary Week happens rarely. That is why we are asking all inhabitants of Nowy Sacz not only for understanding, but we also are encouraging them to participate in the individual meetings”, said Edyta Brongiel.


WYD volunteers in Nowy Sącz awere also encouraging  everyone to join in all of the events that accompany the Missionary Week. Afterwards, expressing their acknowledgements for the cooperation during organization of the Missionary Week, volunteers handed souvenir in the shape of T-shirts (which were  specially designed  for District Office of World Youth Day in Nowy Sącz) to the  President of the City Ryszard Nowak and the Secretary of the City Edyta Brongiel .

City of  Nowy Sacz is grateful for the support in the organization of the Missionary Week and would like to say “THANK YOU” to:  ·      Police Headquarters in Nowy Sącz

  •  Polish Riflemen’s  Association „STRZELEC”
  • PTTK Beskid (Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society) in Nowy Sącz
  • GOSDROB FAMILY Mrs Renata and Mr Marek Poremba
  • Bakery„DANEK”