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Match Poland vs France – Thrills at the Sandecja stadium


It was a victory in penalties of the guests that ended the Poland v France appointment, one of the events of ongoing Missionary Week in Nowy Sącz. The players were supported by the coordinator of World Youth Days in Nowy Sącz district, priest Janusz Faltyn and the mayor of Nowy Sącz, Ryszard Nowak, who, along with the head of the Sports and Culture Department Józef Kantor, handed cups to both teams.


Both teams gave an outstanding performance, but somebody had to win. I congratulate the winners and am glad, that so many people came to the stadium to root for the players. One could truly feel the atmosphereof the Missionary Week, accompanied by football emotions.” – commented the town mayor Ryszard Nowak – „I’m happy to see that our French visitors feel good in our town, what could be observed in loud cheering”


Both teams proved their skills to be comparable and after 90 minutes the match was in a tie 3:3. First goal for the Polish team was scored by Łukasz Górski, but Christiano Toulon immediately made it even. Robert Kowalik, Bienvenue, Albert Szkaradek scored the next goals, then at the very end of the appointment Christiano Toulon once again scored an equaliser from a penalty kick. The final result was settled through a series of penalties, in which the French beat the Polish team by a 4:3 score. Both winners and the defeated were rewarded with a standing ovation by spectators from the Nantes and Dijon diocese and those from Nowy Sącz.


The oranizors prepared special suprice for football fans during the break in the match.  Apart from different competitions, we could see a show of football tricks by Stanisław Wysowski, a popular Polish freestyle football player.


Soon after the match ended at 6 pm the partitipants of the Missionary Week marched through the streets of our town from the stadium to St. Margaret Basilica to participate in a holy mass together with our guests from France.