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The march through the streets of the city and a solemn Holy Mass


The evening part of the first day in the Missionary Week in Nowy Sącz started with the joyful march from Sandecja Football Stadium to St. Margaret’s basilica. There, everyone was expected by the Provost of Collegiate Chapter – priest Dr Jerzy Jurkiewicz who later led a solemn Holy Mass. Apart from the pilgrims, the Mass was also attended by city authorities and priests from Nowosądecki District accompanied by priests from Nantes and Dijon dioceses . The pilgrims along with the guests were welcomed in French by the Bishop Andrzej Jeż.



At the beginning of the Holy Eucharist, the Bishop of Tarnów dioceses received words of acknowledgments for support during the preparation for the Missionary Week and the everlasting prayers. They were delivered from by Jarosław Baziak, ambassador of World Youth Day District Office, on the behalf of organisers and volunteers.

The Deputy Mayor of the City Wojciech Piech, the Chairman of the City Council Bożena Jawor and the Secretary of the City Edyta Brongiel took part in the meeting of the youths. In the crowd of participants the inhabitants of Nowy Sącz were also present. The ceremonial spirit of the whole event created by WYD musical volunteers through their songs.

Priest Ryszard Biernat reminded everyone words from the gospel  that he referred to the attitudes  of faith “ “Everyone who has, more will be given, but as for the one who has nothing, even what they have will be taken away”. These words of Jesus differentiate two attitudes of faith. One is the attitude of those who have something that gives joy and heart, have different perception of the world and they can see what is invisible to the eye(…). Poor are those who don’t have anything because all they have will be taken away from them and they will have nothing. Someone who is not able to give and share will lose everything and he will be devoured by his greedy”,  said Priest Biernat. Ending up, he emphasized “We should enjoy the fact that we are people of faith, that we belong to the Catholic Church, the one which show us Jesus who is alive. Jesus who is a  real treasure”.

The Holy Eucharist ended up with worship to the Holy Sacrament and a testimony. Afterwards, the procession passing through the Gate of Mercy, entered St. Margaret’s basilica where they participated in a ceremony of covering the image showing Jesus after The Transfiguration.