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The Missionary Week: The pilgrims are exploring  Nowy Sącz


Yesterday, French pilgrims arrived in Nowy Sącz. In accordance with the program of French pilgrims stay in Nowy Sacz, time to explore the host city came.

Sightseeing started with visiting  the St. Margaret’s basilica. It’s the only  object that the pilgrims could visit together and listen about its history. It was told by tourist guide, Mr Wieslaw Piprek,  after the catechesis . Everything started with the following words: “St. Margaret’s basilica where we are now is the oldest church in Nowy Sącz, he said “St. Margaret is also the Patroness of our city”, Mr Wiesław Piprek emphasized.


King the builder and king the warrior

Among other places the pilgrims visited was the City Hall. The tourist guide from Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society Mr  Stanisław Leśnik was there to show the pilgrims around the City Hall. On the stairs leading to the upper deck, he told our guests about the history of the building and its architecture. “We started exploring the city from the most important object that can be found in this place, emphasized by the tourist guide,” It is the heart of the city. City that is that counts 700 years” , pointed out Mr Stanisław Leśnik.

Afterwards, the group entered the ceremonial hall, the tourist guide paid attention to its decoration and also to the paintings that were there. “These paintings were painted during the time when the oldest city hall was built (current was built as the third  one) so we can say that they count 700 years” said the tourist guide.

Looking at the paintings, the guests had  possibility to get to know not only the history of the city, but also the history of  our country. “The first painting of the most important figure, if we can say so is the  King Casimir III the Great . He was a very important king in the Polish history. We say that he found wooden Poland and left it brick built”, said the tourist guide. He added that the eminent ruler also built a castle in our place.

The guests could also see among others , the painting of King John III Sobieski and reminded themselves his role in the victorious Battle of Vienna and to stop the expansion of Islam. This information had caused some kind of reaction among the guests, We can’t hide that European conflict with Ottoman Empire has clear reference to the present time.


Sensitive hearts

In the programme of exploring the city, the visit in World Youth Day District Office at Jagiellonska Street was also included. The Youths from France could see the pictures’ exhibition  by Priest Stanislaw  Pachowicz from Chomranice ,who loves taking pictures, especially of nature. “I wander a lot over mountains, I’m a mountain guide, too”, Said Priest Stanislaw Pachowicz. “ I wanted to show to children that still the world is beautiful and, also, to make their hearts more sensitive. To take them away from computers and to make them see, that life can be different, beautiful, cool but they just need to see it”, ended Priest Stanislaw.

In the District Office pilgrims tasted Honey from which turned out to be a popular thing  among them.

The French pilgrims(and also guests from Chad who joined today’s catechesis)had the chance to see the ruined castle and the branch office of Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society in Nowy Sącz.

The youths didn’t have much time for snack and rest. That is because they had to go to Sandecja Football Stadium for a match between Polish and French pilgrims. “I think that, just like in Euro 2016, France will be second. We will see”, said Priest Janust Faltyn jokingly.

Tomorrow at 10:00 AM, catechesis will take place in St Casimir Church. The organizers are inviting  not only the youths but also young at hearts. Youth is, after all, a state of the spirit