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Week Missionary: The practical dimension of mercy

Young pilgrims from France, who came to Nowy Sącz for a Missionary Week, heard important words. It was a fragment of the Gospel of Matthew in which a young man asks Jesus how he can get to heaven. Diocesan of Nantes Jean Paul James and vice president of Nowy Sącz Jerzy Gwiżdż participated in this catechesis.


Hand out what you have

Today (Friday) the second day of stay of pilgrims from the Dioceses of Nantes and Dijon in Nowy Sącz. A catechesis for the French pilgrims and all who feel “young at heart” took place in St. Casimir’s church. Parish’s rector Fr. Dr. Jan Siedlarz especially warmly welcomed the bishop Jean Paul James, diocesan of Nantes, who arrived to Nowy Sącz at night and Vice President Jerzy Gwiżdż who was representing the local authorities. The main subject of the catechesis was the practical dimension of mercy. Priest Krzysztof Bułat who was preaching this catechesis quoted a  dialogue from the Gospel of Matthew, in which a young, wealthy man asks Jesus how to achieve salvation. “ Sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven ” – answers Jesus.

In the context of this parable examples of two saints were cited, examples of John Paul II and Faustyna Kowalska. Fr. Krzysztof Bułat reminded that this year’s World Youth Days motto is: Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.. He also recalled that St. Faustyna Kowalska has a strong relationship with the French church and her spiritual guide was St. Therese of Lisieux.

John Paul II’s path to the cross

After the catechesis French youth, together with parish committees went to Cieniawa. The program included the Way of the Cross to the peak of Wierzchowina mountain, where there is located a cross which commemorates the pontificate of John Paul II. The cross has Saint’s quotes written on it. – When They arrive for a Missionary Week young French people want to get to know the life of the place, climate, where St. John Paul II was preaching and creating the legacy of his pontificate. – explains Fr.. Janusz Faltyn, coordinator of World Youth Day in the district of Nowy Sącz.

Way of the Cross under these weather conditions is a real challenge not only for the young ones. Yet nobody avoids this idea, which illustrates the thesis of one of catechesis, that beautiful things can be achieved only with effort. It is noteworthy that Bishop Jean-Paul James also announced his participation in the Way of the Cross, despite being a man of advanced age.

In the parish of St.Francis of Assisi in Cieniawa a mass will be held. The visit of pilgrims from France is an unusual event for the people  and it’s hard to imagine such a situation in the nearest future. – It is appropriate that we as parishioners proudly welcome all the pilgrims, pray with them, and then treat them with a delicious cake and drinks- we can read on the parish’s website.

 And we have no doubts that’s how it’s going to be! Tomorrow we’ll once again combine physical effort with spiritual experience – a pilgrimage on foot from Nowy Sącz to Pope’s Altar in Stary Sącz. Start in the midday from Nowy Sącz’s town square. Welcome!