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Missionary Week in Nowy Sącz

Although World Youth Days are going to be held in Kraków, Nowy Sącz will be also a very important place. Foreign pilgrims will visit our town during the Missionary Week which will precede The Main Week in Kraków.

The first Missionary Week (called also as Days in Dioceses) was held in 1997 during the Worl Youth Days in Paris. The Bishops were afraid of no interest from French youth – that is why they said: What will we get if you come only to Paris while the wole France is dieing? Come to out communitis and show us that faith is still possible! From that time Days in Dioceses are the permanent part of the WYD. The invigoration which is brought to the communities is an positive pulse for the whole sociaty. Thanks to French Bishops residents of Nowy Sącz will be a part of the creation of John Paul II – World Youth Days.

A week before the main events in Kraków pilgrims, which will decide to stay in our country a bit longer are going to visit dioceses all around Poland. During that time they will get to know Polish culture, tradition and religiousness and make them eager to visit Poland again. The Missionary Week is also a chance of a livetime for residensts of Nowy Sącz to meet people from other counrties, understand their culture and create friendsipes which will last for many years.

Families which will welcome pilgrims in their owns homes are in a special situation, because (as we know from previous WYD) host families are remembered and warmly mentioned. There is nothing to worry for those who won’t have an oppertunity to host pilgrims because there are many events during which pilgrims, host famimilies and residents of Nowy Sącz are going participate altogether. We are incouraging everyone of you to involve in the build-up of The Missionary Week so it will give us grace.