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Missionary Week Scheme

During the World Youth Day – Missionary Week all pilgrims and eager residents of Nowy Sącz are welcomed to participate in unique Days organized by the City Council of Nowy Sącz and the WYD Office of Nowy Sącz Distict. Here is a plan of Days in Dioceses witch will be held in July from 20th to 25th 2016.

In the arrival day (20th of July) pilgrims will be located at private homes of families, who declared to give accomodatin to 2-3 people for 5 days. All residents of Nowy Sącz are invited to the parishes to come and welcome their guests.

The main part of the Missionary Week  is going to start in the morning on the 21th of July (Thursday) with a prayer and short konferences in each parish church – it is a fixed element of the Missionary Week and a very beautiful way of starting a day. Both an the 21st and 22nd of July are called as turist days, it means that during these days pilgrims with our young will go hiking, sightseeing and get to know the beauty of our region. The organization will be taken up by the Kulture Department, the Sports Department,the Social Communication and City Promotion, the Nowy Sącz District Museum, PTTK and PTT.
Later on the 21th of July there is going to be a socer game between pilgrims and youth of Nowy Sącz. Directly after the game there is going to be a solemn Mass for the whole district preceding worship adoration leaded by the youth.

The next day (22nd of July) – up till noon – is going to be similar to the day before. The evening is going to be the time of prayer in parishes (Mass), geting to know each other and building unity.

Mercy Creation – it’s the name of the next day (23rd of July) which came from a special task: the pilgrims altogether with local youth shall make some good deed for parishoners. This Mercy Creation will take place after the fixed part of the Missionary Week, and it will precede the event called the Diocesal Community Day. The pilgrims, their hosts and the youth of Nowy Sącz will make a pilgrimage to Stary Sącz where they will take part in the Diocesal Community Day with other pilgrims from the whole dioces (up to 30 thousand people). The event is going to start with the Eucharist which will precede a Concert.

Sunday (24th of July) will be the last day fully spent in parishes with hosting families and the youth. In the evening everyone will be welcomed to come on our Youth Mini-Festival during which groups of pilgrims will create and performe a presentation about them selves.

On the 25th of July guests and our youth will go to Krakow to participate in The WYD Main Week. It is our duty to make them leave Nowy Sącz with happiness, joy and willness to visit us again.

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