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You are cordially invited to take part in the Missionary Week (20th – 25th July) in Tarnów Diocese, during which we would like to prepare altogether with eager pilgrims to the Main Week in Kraków. Throughout that week we would love to show you our hospitality, faith and culture. We want to welcome you with an open hearth and witness the energy and power of youth.

We created a program which (as we hope) will turn out to be interesting and which will show you the truth of our Polish Church: our community and parish. We hope that during that time all pilgrims will get the chance to know our country (culture, architecture and art), how we live and the way we try to stay close to Christ, while visiting our homes, praying with us or just having fun with our youth.  

In the worldwide system, our diocese was given the name “Sinai”. It is a direct association to our wonderful mountainous location of our diocese, and to the biblical events that took place on Sinai. Some biblical events i.e. Moses calling, leaving the Egyptian captivity by slaves, crossing the Red Sea, Alliance, and getting to the Promised Land are the ones that have been taken into account while preparing to the World Youth Days in Cracow 2016 Weekly Scheme in our diocese. Every day, as part of the formative-liturgical scheme we will be trying to be as close to those events as possible in order to feel their “spirit”.