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Music voluntary

It’s main task is to serve showing the beauty of liturgy during the Holy Mass, adorations of worship and the WYD catechesis in our town. We aready had few meetings but still we encourage every eager resident of Nowy Sącz district to join our group.

Music voluntary has a very importatnt role, which takes a lot of work and commitments, but it gives joy and self-satisfaction. Volunteers will have the mission to lead choirs in their parishes and districts that is why beyond musical build-up they will be prepared to be a leader and to coordinate a group. Youth who came to previous rehersals are learning how to sing in four-part choir and the rudiments of liturgical music. Because of an international character of the Missionary Week, volunteers are learning cantos and songs in many languages to make pilgrims feel more like at home.

Every person who wants to help us buil a powerful group by singing is warmly welcomed. We also need people who have an ability of playing instruments. The more people there is and the varied instuments we have the more beautiful the music will be. To make everything work properly there are going to be invited professional musicians and liturgists so every volunteer will be certain of every part of their work.

We have to remember about one more, significant task of this voluntary. It is build to last more than to WYD in Kraków. We want it to be a great beginning of a project of youth from our town to continue caring about the music in liturgy.