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Join the voluntary!

Wouldyoulike to helpin the MissionaryWeek in yourparishordistrict? Be a part of a team whichbrings The World YouthDaysintolife!

We encourageyou to jointhe voluntaryaccording to one’sinterests and talents. Youwill be ale to chosefrom foursections: logistics, media, musicorlinguistic. New volunteerswillparticipate inessentionaltrainingcourses. The organizingteam iscounting on volunteers not onlyon the MissionaryWeek(20-25 July 2016) but alsoduring the MainWeek in Kraków.

The logisticsectionisresponsible for organising and planingeventsduring The WYD soeveryonetaking part in themwouldfeelsafe and comfortable.Ifyouare 18 orolder, honest, creative, communicativeand outgoingthe logisticsectionissomething for you.

Music voluntaryhas a veryimportatnt role, whichtakes a lot of work and commitments, but itgivesjoy and self-satisfaction. Volunteerswillhave the mission to leadchoirs in theirparishes and districtsthatiswhybeyond musical build-uptheywill be prepared to be a leader and to coordinate a group. Youthwhocame to previousrehersalsare learning how to sing in four-part choir and the rudiments of liturgicalmusic. Because of aninternationalcharacter of the MissionaryWeek, volunteersare learning cantos and songs in manylanguages to makepilgrimsfeelmorelikeathome.

The World YouthDaysareaninternationaleventand thatis hey we needpeoplewhowith anyproblemscancommunicate in foreignlanguages. Thisabilitywill be veryusefuldurind thebuild-up and the MissionaryWeek. Goodcommunicationis the keytocreatefullyunderstandableevent.

The maintask of the media sectionis to writetexts for press, creatingshortmoviedocumentations, photographic relations and makingcomputergraphics. A place in thissectionisprepared for those od youwho: love photography, likewritingtexts, areinterestedininformatiscoraregoodatshootingdocumentaryfilms.

Ifyou want to jointhe voluntary, contactus via e-mail wolontariatnowysacz@gmail.comorcallingourpriestreponsible for Nowy Sącz districtyouth Janusz Faltyn +48 533 555 214. Youarewelcome to askanyquestions. We encourageeveryone to help but a person whowants to become a volunteerhas to be atleast16(with birthdayto 20th of March 2016).